Artie DelPup was the winner of the 2016 and last Shootist award. Congratulations, Artie!!

2016 “Shootist”
Artie DelPup (on left)
The first Chatuge Gun Club "Shootist"
Russ Schoetker
2007 "Shootist"
Rick Steffan
2008 "Shootist"
Keith McMahan
2009 "Shootist"
George Dazy Perry
Chatuge Gun Club, Inc.
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Hiawassee, GA 30546

2013 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2012 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2010 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2011 "Shootist"
Matt Van Steen
2014 "Shootist"
John Hagan

The Shootist award was started in 2006 and ended in 2016.  The winner of the award was presented with a trophy at the annual
meeting in April.  The club has grown in membership since 2016 and interest in friendly competition has increased.  As a result, the
board of directors voted to revive the Shootist award for 2020.

The match results are being maintained and the 2020 winner will be presented with a trophy at the annual meeting in April 2021.

The club matches are open to everyone and they are free, but only members are eligible for the Shootist award.  Anyone interested in
participating can go to the Chatuge Gun Club website and click on Events Calendar, all matches for the year are listed with the date,
time and match directors name and telephone number. Next go to Matches and Results, there you will find information about the
matches, along with results of previous matches.  Still got questions, call the match director.

The way the competition works, all competitors are awarded one (1) point for showing up.  The winner gets an additional three (3)
points; second gets an additional two (2) points; third gets one (1) additional point.

Most matches have classes or divisions that allows all shooters to be competitive.  Some examples; Silhouette rifle and pistol is broken
down into classes from B; A; AA; AAA and Master.  An A class shooter would not be competing against a Master class, etc.

A competitor with a revolver would compete with other revolver shooters, as a rule, and not against a semi-auto.

Exceptions allow a shooter to compete in a higher class or division, if he/she so chooses. Three or more competitors are required to
make a class or division.  Bottom line......bring what you've got......the match director will see that you get to shoot somewhere.

The top 10 shooters for 2016 were:
Artie DelPup
Joan Moody
Jim Vance
Steve Boatright
Thad Bynum
Ed Jones
Jerome Schreiber
Keith McMahan
Gene Blackburn
Bart Rynolds
Top 10 for 2016 are listed below.
Past Winners
2015 "Shootist"
Keith McMahan
Safety The Final Responsibility is Yours